Mar 19, 2009

Ask Mordy @twitter

Got questions? I've got answers.

Like many folks, I've been seeing the value of twitter more and more every day. I've find that often, people post their frustrations on twitter - and some of those frustrations are related to technology. Sometimes, I can offer advice or answer questions. Other times I can sympathize (and in reality, it's often comforting just to know you aren't the only who is frustrated that a certain keyboard shortcut doesn't work in your favorite design app, etc).

So with that in mind, I invite folks to send me questions via twitter. All you need to do is add @mordy somewhere in the question. What I love most about this is that twitter limits you to 140 characters, so you have to really make sure your question is short and sweet (and I'll make sure the answer fits the same criteria).


Pariah S. Burke said...

Great idea, Mordy! Good luck with it!

Anonymous said...

Hi and thanks for this offer. There is not much room for a question if you put @mordy #illustrator and maybe an tinyurl too. :D

I run a search all the time for #illustrator on TweetDeck so I have a separate column for it. Great fun.

There was actually a great question asked today on Twitter: What shortcut other than dragging a layer to the New Layer icon to get a duplicate.

This question is disturbing me a lot – not that I would need it myself. But there is no slot to make a shortcut for it in Illustrator and that bothers me.

Do you have secret way of doing this?

Thanks in advance.

Jean-Claude Tremblay said...

Their is no key available for duplicating Layer.

I have reply to @NickAlexander offering this tips:
The only way to have a key to duplicate a layer is to record that command in an action and set an Fkey to run it. Works like a charm. Select one or more layers than hit F"whatever". Bingo..

By the way, offering "TwitSupport" is a great idea.

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